Practical Logistics

Last year, we commenced our Blog series, where we tried to show you those advantages of Georgia that make it one of the best places for logistics to flourish. It was a brainstorming and accumulation of our strategic views about Georgia and the wider region around it.

As for now, we decided, to descend from the general theories to mere technical details and talk about logistics as a craft. We would like to take a look inside the logistics, see each of its aspects and try to understand its mechanisms. Every commercial activity can be successful only with a well-organized logistics.

Logistics as a concept, science or practical work derives from military. It meant a displacement of a huge amount of cargo from point A to point B that always bared strategic importance. That is why they used to say that in most cases outcome of a battle and even a war is up to a well-planed logistics.

The same happens in modern business and the economy. A well-run logistics determine the future of your commercial activity.

We should not forget though, that logistics is not only a mere transportation of goods. It comprises thousands of other components. Without them, transportation would be a useless up and down movement of cargo.

Thus, in the upcoming series of blogs we will discuss topics like:

  • Components of Logistics;
  • Types of cargo, classification, specifications, rules of their transportation;
  • Packaging;
  • What does it mean FLT, LTL and Ro-ro;
  • Warehousing/deposits;
  • Transportation and Distribution;
  • Means of transportation;
  •  Freight-Forwarding;
  • Transshipment;
  • Multi-modal Logistics;
  • Customs clearance and Export-import details;
  • European ports, that play major roles for Georgia;
  • Export from Georgia and international Sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) norms;
  • Transport management system/Dispatching
    And many more;

Stay tuned and let’s master logistics together!


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